1) How long does the competition last?

The competition starts on 16/05/2022 and will end on 17/10/2022


2) Which is the topic of the competition?

The goal of the competition is to illustrate the benefits obtained in clients/patients thanks to icoone treatments through the submission of photographs (pre-course and end of course) and the completion of the summary work sheet.


3) What requirements do we need to participate?

The competition is open to Beauty Centres or Medical Clinics worldwide, offering icoone treatments to their clients.


4) How to enter the competition?

In order to participate in this prize competition, during the promotional period – from 16/05/2022 to 17/10/2022 – Centres must go to https://bestresults.icoone.com and register on their first visit by filling out the specific form and providing all required information: Name of the centre (Company name), email address, password. In addition, they will also have to provide the personal data of the person that registers the company: Name and Surname.


The system will automatically send an email confirming registration.
To complete the registration process, the Centre must click on the link in the confirmation email they receive.


When it has completed the registration process, the Centre can access its “Personal Area” where it will be asked to provide the rest of its details, inserting the follow data: Tax Code/VAT number, Name and Surname of Centre Manager, Postcode, Address, City, Country, Telephone number and Website/Social media page.


At this point they can begin uploading their results, inserting the requested information and photos regarding the benefits they have enjoyed using icoone® equipment by following the instructions on screen.


For each application the centre has to choose one of the five (5) treatment categories:

  1. Best result – Facial treatments (for example: toning, anti-aging / wrinkles / face lifting and lip push-up, neck and neckline regeneration)
  2. Best result – Body treatments (for example: cellulite reduction, remodelling treatments or treatments for the reduction of localised fat, toning treatments or for tissue regeneration)
  3. Best result – Medical treatments (for example: edema, hematoma, fibrosis, acne, post-surgical scars such as mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty, post-caesarean)
  4. Fastest result – The most evident result achieved with the fewest number of sessions and / or in the least number of days.
  5. Your most satisfied customer: combination of objectively striking result and customer feedback on improvement in the quality of life obtained thanks to icoone


5) How should I take the pictures? And what should they contain?

Photographs (pre-course and end of course) must be high-res and respect the guidelines provided (please see the icoone_results_pictures_guidelines doc available on the website https://bestresults.icoone.com, in the reserved area), clearly and visibly depicting the treated area. Photographs relating to the same course must be similar to each other (distance, light, visibility of the zone, etc.), in order to compare them and highlight the results of the treatments.


6) Can I start an application and complete it afterwards?

Yes, the Centre will be able to save the results (information and photos) on the site and complete their entry also at a later date.
Once all the information has been provided for every result, the Centre must click on “Submit Nomination” in order to formalize its participation in the competition.
Once it has clicked on this button it will no longer be possible to edit the result.


7) How many times can I participate?

Each center / tax code / VAT number can register for the competition only once and can upload up to a maximum of five (5) results, one for each category of the competition, also at different times, authenticating themselves with their credentials on the competition website. In any case, all entries must be submitted by 23.59 (CET) on 17/10/2022. Any entries that arrive after this date will not be considered.


8) How do I know if I have won?

The awarding of the final prizes will take place on 16/11/2022.

The Promoter will undertake to inform winners by sending an email with instructions on how to claim their prize.

If the winner cannot be contacted or does not reply by the deadline indicated, if the information on their business is inaccurate or in the event of any other irregularities, the prize will be regarded as not awarded. The first reserve will be contacted in the same way and so on until the prize is awarded to a reserve or, in the event it is not even awarded to one of the reserves, to the nominated not-for-profit organization.


9) What is the prize? How many?

Prizes will be awarded for the following 4 categories: Best result – Facial treatments, Best result – Body treatments, Best result – Medical treatments and Fastest Result.
For every prize category there will be 2 winners (from 1st and 2nd place) for a total of 8 winners.


Description of prizes

Prize for Centres:

1° places

Stay for 2 people in Florence **

“icoone Best Results Contest” plaque


2° places

Apple Watch SE – GPS + Cellular connection

“icoone Best Results Contest” plaque


Finally, the winner of “Your most satisfied customer” will also be awarded with:

Stay for 2 people in Florence **

“icoone Best Results Contest” plaque


Prize for trainers:

Subscription for 12 months at https://vod.endovivo.com/ with contents by Jean-Claude Guimberteau

“icoone Best Trainer 2022” plaque


For further details on the prizes see the “Awarding of final prices” section of the Competition Rules available on https://bestresults.icoone.com.


10) I have problems completing the registration procedure, what should I do?

For any problems during the registration or for any eventual clarifications, please write to: contest@icoone.com. We will be pleased to help you.


11) Can you participate with the results obtained from a combination of other technologies with icoone?

No, results obtained in combination with other devices other than icoone will not be accepted.


12) If I have participated in the 2021 edition and I already have an account, can I use the same credentials to log in?

No, it’s not possible to log in with the same credentials of the previous edition. You will then need to register as a new user.