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How to take part

During the promotional period, from 16/05/2022 to 17/10/2022, in order to take part in the prize contest Centres must go to website and, if they are not already registered, on their first visit, they must fill out the specific form and provide all required information: Name of centre (Company name), email address, password. In addition, they will also have to provide the personal data of the person making the registration for the company: Name and Surname.


The system will automatically send an email confirming registration.


To complete the registration process, the Centre must click on the link in the confirmation email they receive.


When the registration process has been completed, the Centre can access its “Personal Area” where it will be asked to provide the remaining details: Tax Code/VAT number, Name and Surname of Centre Manager, Postcode, Address, City, Country, Telephone number and Website/Social media page.


In order to take part Centres will have to accept the rules in full and consent in advance to the processing of their data.


Procedure for uploading results

To take part in the contest, after completing the registration procedure Centres will have to use their login details (E-mail and Password) on the website They will then be able to begin uploading their results, inserting the requested information and photos regarding the benefits they have enjoyed using icoone equipment by following the instructions on screen and described below:


a) Choose one of the five (5) treatment categories:

  • Best result – Facial treatments (for example: toning, anti-aging / wrinkles / face lifting and lip pushup, neck and neckline regeneration)
  • Best result – Body treatments (for example: cellulite reduction, remodelling treatments or treatments for the reduction of localised fat, toning treatments or for tissue regeneration)
  • Best result – Medical treatments (for example: edema, hematoma, fibrosis, acne, post-surgical scars such as mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty, post-caesarean)
  • Fastest result (days/sessions)
  • Your most satisfied customer: combination of objectively striking result and customer feedback on improvement in the quality of life obtained thanks to icoone


b) Complete the customer/patient form on the main treatment course performed:

  • Type of device used (dropdown menu with 10 options): icoone W; icoone W Laser; icoone H; icoone H Laser; icoone; icoone BODY; icoone Laser; icoone BODY Laser; icoone Medical; icoone LaserMed)
  • Identification code of the customer / patient (consisting of the initial of the name, initial of the surname and age)
  • Pre-treatment photographs (formats accepted jpeg and png, up to 5 MB)
  • Post-treatment photography (formats accepted jpeg and png formats accepted, up to 5 mega)
  • Gender of the customer / patient
  • Age of the customer / patient
  • General conditions, other ongoing treatments
  • Number of treatments
  • Frequency of treatments
  • Duration of each session
  • Protocol used (laser / led / programmes etc.)
  • Status of the customer / patient at the start of treatment
  • Aesthetic or therapeutic goals to be achieved with icoone
  • Customer / patient initial pre-treatment requests
  • Post-treatment feedback from customer / patient
  • Obvious benefits obtained
  • Objective assessments and measurements (range of motion, assessment and perimeter of scars, etc.)
  • Operator name
  • Customer / patient feedback on the results obtained, in the form of an email or video. For feedback by email attach the pdf containing the original message sent by the customer to the centre; video files can be uploaded in mp4 format, up to 20 MB


Centres will also be able to save results (information and photos) on the website and complete an entry at a later date.


Once all the information has been provided for every result, the Centre must click on “Submit entry” in order to formally confirm its participation in the contest.


Once it has clicked on this button it will no longer be possible to edit the result.


NB: Centres that upload their results (information and photos) on the contest website without having clicked on “Submit entry” will not be considered eligible for the contest.


Centres can upload up to a maximum of five (5) results, one for each category of the competition, also at different times, authenticating themselves with their login details on the competition website.


In any case, all entries must be submitted by 17.00 (CET) on 17/10/2022. Entries that arrive after this date will not be considered.


Contest goal

The goal of the contest is to illustrate the benefits obtained in patients with the use of icoone equipment by sending photographs (pre-treatment and post-treatment) and filling out a summary work sheet and uploading customer feedback as a text or video, hereinafter referred to collectively as known as “Document/s”.


Photograph requirements

Photographs (pre-treatment and post-treatment) must be high-res and respect the guidelines (see the icoone_results_pictures_guidelines doc available on the website, in the reserved area), and must clearly and visibly depict the area subject to treatment In particular, only photographs taken with the icoone roll-up background will be considered valid, as shown in the guidelines indicated above, will be considered valid. Photographs relating to the same treatment must be similar to each other (distance, light, visibility of the area, etc.) to make it possible to compare these and highlight the results of treatments.



Following upload, every Document will undergo an examination and moderation process.


The Promoter Company reserves the right to award the final prize only to Documents which, at its sole discretion, are not harmful to the rights of others, tendentious, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, slanderous or racist.


The Document may not advertise any commercial activity that is irrelevant to the subject matter or in any case aimed at promoting any brand, product or service different to those of the Promoter Company, with nonoriginal Centre content, i.e. copied from other sources, with content that violates Italian law or is contrary to common decency, privacy laws or any intellectual property rights.


The Promoter Company also reserves the right to eliminate any Document which, at its sole discretion, could be regarded as offensive or inappropriate, which has already been submitted and/or which is not in keeping with the spirit of the contest.


Responsibility of participants

When uploading its Document, the Centre accepts all responsibility accordingly, and declares it has carefully read and accepted the complete contest rules and the specific requirements for the inclusion in the contest of its Document. In particular, it must warrant and represent:


  • That it is the owner and copyright holder of the Document uploaded on the website and that said Document is an original creation and not a copy or reproduction of third-party content.
  • That the supporting photographs and texts truthfully describe real cases, the results achieved and the genuine and exclusive use of icoone equipment. No results obtained in combination with other devices will be admitted.
  • That submitted content does not contravene any law and in particular that the proposed Document is not reproduced or in violation of intellectual property rights, moral rights, copyrights or rights protecting the personal data of third parties (including image and personality rights, for which in any case the Centre has received full and unlimited authorisation from any rights holder), or publication rights, and in general respects the provisions of the Italian Copyright law (Law no. 633 of 22 April 1941) as amended, as well as all other current regulations in this area;
  • That it has obtained all necessary authorisation for the use and dissemination of the content from all persons involved and, as such, neither the photos nor their publication on the Promoter Company’s website will violate third party rights; every Centre, and when submitting a document that depicts third parties, undertakes to hold the organisers harmless for any responsibility or compensation relating to the use of the images or scenes;
  • That it is aware that, by uploading its Document, the undersigned, as copyright holder, grants the Promoter Company, completely free of charge, without territorial or temporal limitations, all commercial usage rights deriving from the copyright on the Document including, but not limited to, the right to publish the Document in any way and any form, the right to reproduce, use and disseminate the Document, the right to broadcast the Document, using any means and on any media, the right to present or make the Document available to the public in any way or form, the right to exhibit and display the Document, the right to use the Document, also in part, modified, adapted, reworked etc. in the context of advertising promotions, the right to produce derivative works and the right to translation and, in general, all associated rights through to the eventual withdrawal of the right holders.
  • That it is aware that it is responsible for the content of the Document and that it consequently indemnifies the Promoter Company from any harmful consequences and any requests for compensation, including legal fees, deriving from the failure to comply with the upload conditions; as such, the Promoter Company shall not be in any way responsible for any requests for compensation advanced by parties that appear in the photographs or video.
  • That it is aware that the violation of the above conditions could lead to the immediate exclusion of the participant from the competition, the invalidation of any winnings and the removal from the website of any Document submitted by the participant.



Procedure for the awarding of final prizes

Prizes to Centres:


For the awarding of final prizes a specific archive will be created containing all participating Centres that have uploaded a valid Document during the promotional period.


The awarding of final prizes will take place on 16/11/2022 in the presence of a notary or officer of the relevant Chamber of Commerce. Prizes can also be awarded via videoconference.


A jury appointed by Promoter Company, at its sole and absolute discretion, will evaluate the Documents that have been submitted using the following criteria:


  • Evidence of the efficacy of the treatment on the customer/patient
  • Careful use of icoone equipment
  • Moreover, for the category “Fastest result (days/sessions)”: assessment of the number of sessions in which the result was achieved (on a like-for-like basis in terms of the quality of the result, the result which required the least number of sessions and/or was achieved in the fewest number of days will win);
  • Furthermore, for the category “Your most satisfied customer”: novelty of the application shown and emotional feedback from a customer, explaining how icoone improved their life.

After examining all valid Documents the jury will decide on the final rankings, awarding a prize to the top two
(2) entries for each of the following award categories:


  1. Best result – Facial treatments
  2. Best result – Body treatments;
  3. Best result – Medical treatments;
  4. Fastest result (days/sessions)

For each category of prizes ( Best result – Facial treatments, Best result – Body treatments, Best result – Medical treatments, Fastest result ) the following will therefore be identified: 2 winners (from 1st and 2nd place) and 3 reserves (from 3rd to 5th place), for a total of 8 winners and 12 reserves.


Finally, the winner of the “your most satisfied customer” will also be named. 1 winner (1st place) and 3 reserves (2nd to 4th place) will be named.


All Documents will be assessed by the jury anonymously with each Document identified by a code. Reserves will be used only in the event of unawarded or unclaimed prizes and will be contacted on the basis of ranking.


Prizes for Trainers:


During the awarding of final prizes there will also be a series of prizes for trainers. A prize will be given to the trainer who, on the date of the last day of the contest, is responsible for training the 1st ranked Centre for each category.


Five (5) trainers will receive a prize.


Please note that the trainer prize connected with the winner of each category will only be awarded after the latter has been confirmed and accepted by the respective winning Centre.


If a prize is not awarded to the rightful winner, this prize and the corresponding trainer prize will be assigned in the same way to the first reserve, and so on until it is assigned to a reserve or, alternatively, if a reserve is not identified, to a nominated not-for-profit organisation.


If a trainer is associated with more than one winner, additional prizes will be assigned to the trainer of the first reserve.


In if it is not possible to assign a prize to trainer associated with a winner, the Promoter Company reserves the right to award the prize in question to the trainer indicated by the first reserve in the same way and so on until the award is assigned to a trainer or, alternatively, if this is not possible, to a nominated not-for-profit organisation.


Description of available prizes

Prize type Prize description Qty Commercial value per prize (excluding VAT) Commercial value (excluding VAT)
Prizes to Centres* 1st place in categories:

Best result – Facial treatments,

Best result – Body treatments,

Best result – Medical treatments, Fastest result,

Your most satisfied customer

Stay for 2 people in Florence ** 5 € 1,900.00 € 9,500.00
“icoone Best Results Contest” plaque € 70.00 € 350.00
2nd place in categories:

Best result – Facial treatments,

Best result – Body treatments,

Best result – Medical treatments, fastest result

Apple Watch SE – GPS + Cellular connection 4 € 339.00 € 1,356.00
“icoone Best Results Contest” plaque € 70.00 € 280.00
Prizes for trainers Subscription for 12 months at with
contents by Jean-Claude Guimberteau
5 € 50.00 € 250.00
“icoone Best Trainer 2022” plaque € 70.00 € 350.00
TOTAL 14 € 12,086.00


*The prizes for Centres will be assigned to the company indicated during the registration phase.


** The prize consists of a stay in Florence for two people, for two nights.


This includes:

  • Transport via train or plane in economy class;
  • Return transfer from the station / airport to the hotel
  • A double room in a 4-star or better hotel for two nights, breakfast included.


Not included:

  • The cost of transfers between the winner’s home and the train station/airport;
  • Additional/personal expenses;
  • All services other than those explicitly mentioned.


The prize must be used jointly by the winner and his/her companion by December 2023.

The winner must accept the prize within 7 days of receiving notification of the win and confirm the booking of the flight and trip by 31/01/2023.

The Promoter Company shall choose the most suitable mode of transport for the winner’s journey to Florence (Italy).

The prize will be agreed directly with the Promoter Company and once confirmed changes cannot be made to the booking.

Every traveller must possess a valid document for travelling to the destination country before taking a flight and shall be responsible for acquiring any visas or documents required to travel.

The winner will not be entitled to present any claims if, for any reason, he/she , is no longer be able to use the prize after a booking has been confirmed. In any case, the prize will be considered fully assigned and the winner will not be entitled to claim anything else from the Promoting Company.

In the event of the winner and / or the accompanying person not showing up, or being unable to present all the documentation requested by the Promoting Company on the scheduled date, or in the event of the transfer not being used, or the winner and / or the companion already being in the same location for other reasons and thereby only using some components of the prize, the prize will be considered fully assigned and nothing will be due.

It will not be possible to ask for the difference if the costs associated with the prize amount to less than the forecast value of the prize.


Force majeure causes – situation linked to Covid:

If during the course of the venture prizes should no longer be available, or are no longer on the market, or if they become available with different timescales to those agreed due to unforeseeable circumstances or causes not attributable to the Promoting Company, the latter will arrange for the delivery to the winners of replacement prizes with a value of no less than the value of the prizes set forth in these regulations and the winners shall not be entitled to demand the exact prizes indicated above.



Market value of prizes

The overall forecast market value of the prizes on the date the rules were written was Euro 12,086.00 (excluding VAT).


Notification of final prize winners

The Promoter Company undertakes to inform winners by email with instructions on how to claim their prize.


Prizes will not be awarded if a winner cannot be contacted or does not reply by the deadline indicated, or if the information on their business is inaccurate or in the event of any other irregularities. The first reserve will be contacted in the same way and so on until the prize is awarded to a reserve or a nominated not-for-profit organisation, in the event of it not being awarded to one of the reserves.



Employees of the Promoter Company and its subsidiaries, affiliates, parent companies and businesses that do not use icoone machines during the competition period are not allowed to enter the competition.


Participants in the contest agree to comply with all of the rules outlined herein.


Participation and limitations

Participation in the competition is only open to beauty centres or medical clinics that use icoone equipment.


Centres may register one (1) time only for the contest and win a maximum of one (1) prize.


Every Centre/Tax Code/VAT number may submit just one (1) Document for each treatment category up to a maximum of five (5) Documents.


No results obtained in combination with devices other than icoone will be admitted.


Each trainer can win a maximum of one (1) prize.


Prize transfers

Winners cannot transfer their prizes to third parties


Prize presentation conditions

Prizes must be presented within 6 months of the end of the contest or the date the prize is claimed, pursuant to Italian Presidential Decree 430 of 26/10/2001.


Prizes not awarded or claimed:

Unlike prizes which are refused, prizes not awarded or claimed will be donated to the following NPO: Ageop Ricerca – Associazione Genitori Ematologia Oncologia Pediatrica – Tax Code: 91025270371, Via Massarenti 11 c/o Sant’Orsola Malpighi General Hospital Pavilion 13 “Paediatrics” 4th floor, 40138 Bologna.


Payment of Withholding Tax

The Promoter Company undertakes to pay withholding tax according to the terms and conditions outlined in art. 30 of P.D. no. 600 of 29/09/1973.


Waiver of right to compensation

The Promoter declares that it waives the right to compensation for the withholding tax in favour of the winners (art. 30 of P.D. no. 600 of 29/09/1973).


Rejection of Prizes

If a winner expressly refuses a prize, this may remain available to the Promoter Company.


Location of server

The server used to collect participant data shall be located in Italy.


Privacy policy

Pursuant to and in accordance with European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of physical persons with regard to the processing of personal data, the data collected by I-Tech Industries s.r.l., as Data Controller, during the staging of this competition will be processed in complete compliance with current European legislation.

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Obligations and guarantees

Participation in this prize competition is free with the expectation of the cost of connecting to the website. If an intended prize is not available the Promoter Company reserves the right to replace it with one of similar or greater value.

Prizes cannot be converted into money or equivalent.

Any requests for an alternative prize on the part of the winner will be rejected.